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United Nations Postal Service is commonly called as USPS. It is the only one Federal Government authorized courier service in United States. It was founded in 1971 since then it is growing on daily basis. In the current time, working in more than 190 countries with over 600000 people. However USPS came in existence in late 17th century but it was fully accredited by US government in 1971 since then it is working hard to provide world’s best postal services. Different approaches are being followed by the company to serve its customers like services are being offered on the basis of time, weight and distance to all the remote areas of the world.

But when it comes to delivery within the United States borders, uniform price policy is followed by the company irrespective of the distance. Only weight & size is considered to make a difference. We can send letters, postal orders, money, envelopes, etc.

We will have a look on different services in the later stage of this article. But before that, I want to introduce you with a new service offered by the USPS. In this service, Pictures of Mails will be delivered to homes. This service is just started few months ago in some selected cities of US but will be extended to all parts of the Nation.

This service is named as “Informed Delivery”. It is now available as Optional FREE Service. User can sent photos and the same will be delivered to recipients homes in letter-size photograph.

As per the details given on the USPS website, users can get upto 10 photos in a day. For more than 10 it will be shown in website by providing email.


USPS Services

first class Priority Mail

Parcel Select

Priority mail International

Priority Mail express

priority mail express international

First Class mail International

Priority mail express international


Track USPS orders online

USPS has made a robust and reliable service to track shipping items online wherever they are in reality. Every person when book a shipping order he/she is given a 16 digit order number. This number can be used to track order online on the website of USPS tracking. You can track your order here by pasting the order number. But sometimes if have forgotten our order number. What to do then ??  So its better to register with email ID & password on USPS website. So that we don’t need to remember order number also we get time to time order related checkpoints information.


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